We do it for the community.

Working to drive impact and sustain change for youth in our community.


Our mission is to empower youth to develop STEM and leadership capabilities to help them realize their limitless potential. 

We work towards achieving this by leveraging education and advocacy as tools to encourage youth to think and dream big, nurturing self-confidence through meaningful mentorship opportunities, and creating a positive environment where youth can build lasting friendships and community.

Apar Initiative works with many community and educational groups and  to pull resources and leverage diversity of thought to curate programs that are multi-faceted and highly engaging. 


All youth have the confidence to pursue their full potential without any limits or bounds.

Apar Initiative was founded in 2018 by Raman Sawhney to support girls interested in learning more about Engineering.  After working with many students in Canada and internationally, and learning more about need fore more diversity and inclusion STEM, the vision and mission changed. We are committed to building strong leaders of tomorrow and this comes with people from all backgrounds and walks of life. Apar Initiative is committed to the following values:

  • Curiosity: We support the development of critical thinking skills and a growth mindset to help build the leaders of tomorrow. 
  • Diversity & Inclusion: We welcome people from various races, religions, ages, ethnicities, genders, and socioeconomic statuses to bring unique ideas and perspectives to the Apar community. 
  • Collaboration & Trust: We cultivate meaningful relationships with the community and our partners because working collectively towards a common goal drives the greatest impact.
  • Dedication: We emphasize the importance of a diligent work ethic and sense of commitment to build a strong foundation for growth and development.



    It is no secret that there are less women in STEM professions – and senior management roles – than men. The term “leaks in the STEM pipeline” has been used for years and what it means is that:

    “Women being lost from the pipeline at various different points: between high school and undergraduate studies; over the course of undergraduate studies; between undergraduate and graduate studies; and between degree completion and the workforce.” 

    – Statistics Canada

    This is one example of where we need more diversity. We are committed to helping youth develop capabilities so they don’t self-select out of STEM disciplines, but also recognize the importance of developing strong EI and interpersonal skills throughout their educational and career paths.

    meet the founder

    Our Founder, Raman Sawhney, has a background in Chemical Engineering and has worked in the Energy sector and in management consulting. She recognizes the importance of both a strong technical understanding and strategic mindset in her role at FRACMOD which is part of why she developed this organization. In addition, after working in Albania and speaking at local schools about engineering careers, she found so much purpose in supporting youth so she founded this non-profit to continue this work in Canada. 

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