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Apar Initiative’s latest event was a leadership workshop with Christina Bernet, a leadership coach who is based out of Colorado, USA. Christina worked as a professional engineer for 12 years and decided that she wanted to contribute in a different way. Recognizing the value of servant leadership, she started her own company focused on helping individuals succeed personally and as leaders. 


Christina was so kind to join the event and share her background and expertise.  The purpose of this event was to ensure our cohort was aware of the advantages of instilling confidence and purpose at an early age. Self-esteem can lead to many positive behaviours, actions, and outcomes. Building a strong foundation can lead to the achievement of your dreams! 


Christina gave the group several strategies to build self-esteem on their own time. Strategies included positive self-talk, discouraging comparison, and eliminating limiting beliefs. She believes we should lead our lives following a few key principles which included adding value to others, doing the right thing, building daily habits, and celebrating victories. Goal setting was also mentioned as an incredible tool to stay focused and ensure the ability to speak to your accomplishments clearly and articulately.


In light of the crazy year 2020 was, Christina wanted to remind the cohort that there is always a light at the end of the tunnel. We have to remind ourselves there is always a new day and 2021 will present us new and exciting opportunities that will be ours to take advantage of. Taking responsibility for our actions and our unique paths are key to ensuring a bright and prosperous future. 


We want to thank Christina for joining Apar Initiative and look forward to future events where we can collaborate with her and her inspiring story! 


To connect with Christina directly, please reach out to her at 


Thank you to AWSN for supporting this event with the resources to make it possible.
Thank you to TakingIT Global, Rising Youth Grant, the Government of Canada, and Canada Services Corp for generously supporting this project.


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