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Apar’s cohort was lucky enough to have visitors from the Famous Five Foundation join them on a Sunday afternoon. Apar hosted what was historically called a “Pink Tea” where women are meant to gather to have open discussions about their rights and pressing social issues. This virtual Pink Tea included breakout room sessions where the themes of equality and equity were openly discussed. Presentations from Frances Wright and Pritha Kalar followed that where they described their role in the Famous Five Foundation and how they came to be involved in the first place.


The Pink Tea was previously an event that brought women together and gave them a safe space to discuss their feelings and how to work towards changing the status quo. After giving the cohort a background on the Famous Five Canadian Women and the vital role they played in the development of women’s rights in Canada, the goal of the session was to promote collaboration with other girls in the cohort. A theme throughout the presentation was the handling of COVID, efforts primarily being led by female leaders in the medical field. The leadership displays throughout the pandemic is a great example of teamwork and a unique version of leadership. Something that resonated with all of us, was the idea that leadership does not have to look like what it does in the media; CEO’s or Presidents to name a few.  Leadership can take on many different forms throughout your life and can be practiced every day. Being a leader to the ladies at the Famous Five Foundation means staying true to yourself and fighting for what you believe in. No matter how big or small the cause. The world needs all sorts of leaders, and reinforcing the fact that they don’t need to be a certain type, encourages the girls in the cohort to be themselves and find their own worthy cause.  


Finally, Frances and Pritha gave the cohort an overview of some events that the Pink Tea Foundation is hosting and encouraged everyone to attend.  Presenting the young girls with a social outlet that doubles as a purposeful place to discuss ideas sets them up for success when they inevitably have to tackle adversity down the road. 




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