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STEM & Leadership

Our STEM & Leadership cohort runs annually for 8 months with youth typically from grade 6-9. We focus on providing a balanced perspective of both STEM fields and opportunities for leadership skills development from an early age. This program is a hybrid of in-person and online events designed curate meaningful dialogue and foster a sense of community with the participants. Our goal is to create a safe environment and have them feel confident and inspired to learn more.

Our 2020/2021 intake is now closed. If you are interested for our 2021/2022 program, please email us.


We host quarterly #STEMPerspecitive virtual events. Knowledge and information is power and for us, the power of storytelling is so captivating. We host these events with diverse professionals in STEM disciplines to create a platform to learn from their backgrounds and stories.  These sessions will have speakers from various age groups, STEM disciplines, industry professions, and geographic locations to further validate the “limitless” opportunities in STEM.


Apar Initiative will have an Annual Leadership Conference designed for youth from grade 6 -12.  Some of the key topics explored are confidence, self-awareness, public speaking, strategic thinking, mindfulness, and servent leadership. This conference is in the fall so stay tuned to our social media channels for updates on registration, guest speakers, and how to attend.


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