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Apar’s most recent event introduced our partners from Stride psychology, Simren Jhuty and Snanna Virk. Our cohort sat down with these two lovely mental health professionals to participate in a wellness workshop on a chilly Sunday afternoon.


Stride psychology is a native Calgarian psychology practice that specializes in child psychology and mindfulness-based interventions. Their experience shone through on our call and the cohort was very receptive and eager to answer their questions and volunteer for role play. We are very lucky to be partnering with Stride in 2021! 



During the session, we ran through a guided meditation and relaxation exercises, as well as several coping strategies. It was truly amazing how captivated our cohort was with Snanna and Simren’s presentation, especially considering its remote nature.

Several kids volunteered to participate in practical scenarios throughout the session where Simren and Snanna discussed three different types of communication and taught the girls strategies for effective communication. By using concrete examples and an encouraging teaching style, Stride was able to effectively relay the power of positive thinking, setting boundaries, and the importance of expressing yourself in a meaningful and constructive way. Stride concluded with breathing exercises and strategies to manage emotions which we plan on integrating in our day to day lives. By introducing our cohort to these strategies at a young age, we hope to accelerate habit formation to live a less stressful life and be able to cope when things do become overwhelming. It was a relaxing and informative way to spend a Sunday afternoon and we look forward to spending more quality time with Simren and Snanna in the future. They will surely be checking in on our cohorts’ wellness journals to ensure everyone is staying mindful.


We want to thank Simren and Snanna for showing us how to manifest awareness in our daily lives and we are all looking forward to future wellness events!


To connect with Simren and/or Snanna directly, you can reach them here:


Thank you to AWSN for supporting this event with the resources to make it possible.
Thank you to TakingIT Global, Rising Youth Grant, the Government of Canada, and Canada Services Corp for generously supporting this project.


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